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Search function for buyers on Floriday development continues

3 minutes
Gepost op 22-07-2021
door Laura Nowee

It's important for buyers to be able to search the growers' catalogue to see what kind of supply is available. In spring, the catalogue search function in Floriday became available as a 'Beta version'. This means that it's a first version of the function and will be further developed based on market needs. In this news item, we tell you more about what you can expect from the function and about the development process.

Catalog search function

The catalogue's search function is intended to make the purchasing process easier. By searching on product name and/or product characteristic, you, as a buyer, will find the desired product. This way, you can easily discover which growers supply certain products and get a good idea of the market. By directly adding growers with interesting supply as connections, you build up a valuable network.

The first version of this search function is available. At the moment, development is in full swing to make this function work as well as possible for the user.

Under development

The first improvements within the search function have been implemented. For example, the price and availability will be shown if the product is available as supply. For some weeks now, you can also filter on which weeks an article should be available. The filter options have also been optimised so that the buyer can find the right product as quickly as possible.

Improvements will be made available again in the autumn. For example, it will then be possible to filter on available supply, the speed of the search will be further improved and you'll be also able to see when products are available again or new. In addition, the quotation function in Floriday is now being worked on. In combination with the search function, this allows you to easily forward available supply to your customer as a quotation.

Ideation sessions

To ensure that the catalogue meets the wishes of the market, a number of test (ideation) sessions were organised in spring to gather input. During these sessions, buyers gave feedback on the current functionalities. Among other things, it emerged that the filter options are essential and that the search function needs to work particularly quickly. In addition, there is a need in the market to be able to buy immediately on available supply and to be able to see which supply is new.

The first buyers are using this feature in Floriday on a daily basis. The search function will be further improved based on this user experience. If you have any wishes and/or feedback for the catalogue search function, please pass it by emailing