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Smit Kwekerijen: “Digitization is the future”

3 minutes
Gepost op 13-01-2022
door Laura Nowee

Smit Kwekerijen is a modern potted nursery that specializes in growing green indoor plants that are both unique and robust. Not long ago, we spoke with Krista Prins, Frontoffice and Annemieke Westerdijk, the company’s Marketing Communications Manager about using Floriday, about how it can be used as a marketing tool and about the company’s call for buyers to start using the system. You can find out more in the interview.

With over 60 base items, Smit Kwekerijen offers a broad assortment of plants that makes it possible for entire tables in garden centres to be stocked using the Eden Collection from Smit Kwekerijen. This collection is made up of a diverse range of product lines, such as Eden Jungles and Eden Specials. Each year, yet more distinctive plants and novelties are added to the collection. The company therefore supplies an extremely diverse range of products, which means that managing the product range is something of a challenge!

Setting up Floriday

As part of her duties as Frontoffice, Krista is involved in creating price groups, assigning customers to groups and creating (customer-specific) codes: “Two years ago when I first started working at Smit Kwekerijen, I began using Floriday straight away. First of all, I followed a lot of webinars and if I didn’t know how to do something, I simply called the support.” In the meantime, however, Krista has now become an experienced user of Floriday. “On a basic level, managing the range of products is working extremely well, but we are looking forward to the range of functions being expanded as that will make our job even easier.”


Smit Kwekerijen was one of the first growers to enhance the catalogue with 360° product photos, so that customers can get a clear and detailed view of the trade items concerned. For Smit Kwekerijen, this is of considerable benefit to buyers: “Customers are able to view the full range that Smit is able to provide. Looking for the range of products you need can be carried out in one place, including when selecting products from other growers,” explained Krista. “What we are noticing is that increasing numbers of customers are downloading the range available in Floriday to their system. What we would like to see, however, is for the actual numbers of orders being placed to increase.”


Conducting marketing via Floriday

From a marketing perspective, Annemieke believes that when it comes to informing customers and convincing them to look at the range of products on Floriday and place their orders, Floriday still has a lot of untapped potential. “In the floriculture sector, marketing is playing an increasingly important role and Floriday is a platform that forms an important part of our response as marketeers. Our new website now includes a button that links directly to the shop on Floriday. We can also include the unique URLs in our newsletters. Next year, our aim is to put trade items in the spotlight in a more product-focused way. This is something we can also encourage a bit more by placing a message on the buyer’s timeline, possibly accompanied by a video.”


This degree of visibility on Floriday can also be achieved by using the catalogue effectively: “Recently, we were given an advance preview of the explorer function for buyers. For customers, the explorer function makes searching for trade items and growers easy. By adding topics to the trade items, for example, customers can get to know us by searching under specific teams. And of course we can also draw attention to new products effectively by registering them as novel. Our intention is to make the most effective possible use of Floriday when introducing plants to the market.”


Digitization is the future

By carrying out these actions, Krista and Annemieke hope they will be able to convince more buyers of the benefits that Floriday has to offer. Krista: “Digitization is the future. Our call to all buyers would therefore be – just get started! And if you get stuck, simply get in touch with Floriday. A different way of working is not wrong. Everything is changing and it’s important that we keep pace with those changes."