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Trade Fair Aalsmeer 2021: Three days packed with expertise and inspiration!

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Gepost op 05-11-2021
door Joyce van Galen

Trade Fair Aalsmeer 2021 was a great success! It showcased such enthusiasm, expertise and passion within our sector, and as well as being a great opportunity to meet each other again. Let’s enjoy a look back at these three days packed with expertise and inspiration.

Floriday stand

Once again, Floriday had dedicated a large part of the Royal FloraHolland stand to demonstrating the digital platform to parties in the floriculture industry. Visitors could find out about what Floriday represents and what it offers, and watch on-screen content showing how Floriday works. 

Users had the chance to ask questions at the Genius bar in the stand, where Floriday experts were on hand to answer questions or perform a ‘CheckUp’. The CheckUp involved going through a user’s account with them, and tips and tricks were provided to help them get even more out of Floriday. Floriday is developing rapidly, so a CheckUp can be really useful. Click here to sign up for a CheckUp. There was also a wall especially for users to write down their ideas for improvement or features they would like to see in Floriday.

Digital presence during the fair

In addition to growers’ physical stands, a digital element was added in the form of scannable QR codes linking to growers’ shops on Floriday. This made it easy to view the products on show on the stand, displayed in the shop on Floriday as well. All the buyer has to do is scan the QR code and send a connection request, which enables them to view or buy the grower’s products they are interested in at a later time.


The Royal FloraHolland stand was the place to discover the latest novelties, which could also be viewed on-screen after being posted by growers on Floriday. From trendy terrariums to the latest variety of Poinsettia: plenty of inspiration to get started again with new base items. If you are interested in seeing the novelties on Floriday, take a look here!

360-degree photos

The possibilities of the online world are growing all the time. The 360-degree photo is a great example, bringing the offline and online worlds together. Users can upload a 360-degree photo in Floriday, allowing buyers to view the product from all angles. This possibility was showcased on the stand of Orbitvu, a supplier of equipment for taking these types of photos.
Read more about uploading a 360-degree photo

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