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Turnover through Floriday will grow to more than billion euros by the end of this year

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Gepost op 23-09-2021
door Danielle van der Peet

Floriday is increasingly becoming the digital heart of the Dutch floriculture industry. This year, more than one billion euros worth of flowers and plants will be traded between growers and buyers through this platform. Up until mid-September, turnover through Floriday stood at more than 700 million euros, compared to 117 million at this time last year. Meanwhile, an average of 250,000 orders per week are placed through Floriday.

Growers and buyers are increasingly making use of the trading possibilities within Floriday, which are continuously expanded based on the needs of users of the platform. The contract module and the ‘My shop’ function, for example, which allow growers to publish their full range, are being increasingly used this year. In addition, software suppliers have made various links available between their software packages and Floriday, further improving supply. Buyers are also better able to find their way to the Floriday supply through the existing dealmaking channels.

Ruud Knorr, CCO Royal FloraHolland: “We are of course delighted with the growth that Floriday has shown in terms of turnover. We notice that growers and buyers are making ever greater use of the trading possibilities currently offered by the digital platform. Which is exciting. I am convinced that digitalisation is necessary for the long-term success of the industry. The aim is for all parties involved, both growers and buyers, to be able to benefit from this. We therefore want to make it possible for everyone to join. It is thus important that we continue on the path we started on at the beginning of the year and listen carefully to the feedback and wishes of our users. Given that we are adding or improving more and more functionalities that users need to Floriday, such as improving the auction functionality in the short term, we expect the number of transactions to continue to grow.”

Involvement of the Members' Council

The Floriday committee was set up in January. This committee consists of a number of Members' Council members and those involved in Floriday. Among other things, the interactive roadmap was drawn up on the Committee's advice. Marco Mol, member of the Royal FloraHolland Members' Council and active in the Floriday committee: “We are certainly not finished yet, but the momentum is there and there is a clear commitment to make the programme a success! We, in the Members' Council, are closely involved and of great value

to the project because we add our knowledge from the growers' perspective. Floriday bundles our activities and further empowers our cooperative. This will definitely help us, as members, to continue to be able to market our products well. Floriday is the digital marketplace for growers and buyers, and is the foundation for our future.” 

Floriday statistics

  • More than 250,000 orders are currently placed on Floriday each week.
  • Floriday has about 4,000 active users on a weekly basis.
  • 1,700 growers have activated 'My shop'. This offers growers the opportunity to bring their entire assortment and supply directly to the buyers' attention.
  • Almost all software suppliers are linked to multiple Floriday components and are actively working on its rollout.