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Visit the digital shop of the grower

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Gepost op 04-08-2021
door Laura Nowee

Approximately 1,500 growers have already activated their shop on Floriday. Buyers can therefore order through Floriday on the (real-time) supply of growers. In this article, we'll explain what exactly the grower's shop is and the ways in which you can purchase.

My Shop

All trade items that a grower has listed in their catalog and are available for sale are shown as supply on Floriday. This supply is then available for buyers to view in the grower's shop. Buyers who work in Floriday's screens can order from this supply using the 'Direct purchase' function. 

Connecting with growers

Before you can purchase from a grower, you must first make a connection with the grower. The grower will receive a request for this and can then assign you, the buyer, to a price group. Once the grower has assigned you to a price group, you can see the supply and start buying. Because you are assigned to a price group by a grower, the prices you see in Floriday are always specific to you. 
Read more about making connections in the Helpcenter

Request My Shop

When a grower thinks he has an interesting supply for you, he can send you an invitation with a link to the shop. By clicking on it, you can discover what the grower offers. Is a desired product being offered? Then you can immediately add it to the shopping cart and place the order. 

Direct purchasing

You can also order by supply yourself by going to the grower's store via Direct Purchase and adding trade items to your shopping cart. If a grower has sent you an offer or purchase tip, you can also purchase in this way. 

If you want to order an item now for a later delivery date, you can use instalment buying in Floriday. By clicking on the term and then choosing the desired delivery moment, you can see whether the offer rules are available for that moment.Tip! Would you like to add an extra comment to a line in the shopping cart? Then you can add a reference or delivery note by clicking on the three dots.
Read more about Direct purchasing in our Helpcenter

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