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VisserTek: "Don't be afraid of the changes with Floriday"

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Gepost op 03-03-2021
door Diede Barendse

Software supplier VisserTek started out linking its software package to Floriday via the API link in early 2020. More and more software suppliers are on the verge of rolling out the links to their customers. Wilfried Visser, VisserTek’s proprietor, explains the company’s current footing, how the rollout to growers went, and the approach taken. Read more in the update. 

Wilfried Visser, VisserTek’s proprietor, believes current financial regulations mean transitioning to 100% Digital is not only indispensable, but inevitable. Despite this transition requiring an investment from VisserTek and its customers, Wilfried Visser sees 100% Digital offering a whole host of benefits. “Logistical and financial-information flows are becoming more consistent, and set up following clear specifications. The upside is we don’t need to run separate software for Floriday and the current EAB; Floriday functionalities are available alongside existing ones. ERP analysis functionalities reunite both information flows in a seamless transition, and so linking up our grower software to Floriday – using the API link – couldn’t be easier”, says Wilfried. He is extremely pleased with how the Floriday development team communicate, with modern online tools such as Slack making this an agreeable experience. 

The approach 

“We started exploring the Floriday API in the staging or test environment in one of our customer’s accounts back in early 2020. We did this in order to figure out how best to set up the link with Floriday", Wilfried explains. VisserTek then set to work, developing a number of basic modules for the API link. Taking part with multiple software developers in a consultation helped them out tremendously.This was followed by VisserTek then taking its first steps toward implementation. They eventually launched a pilot in October, with one of their customers in the Floriday live environment. For VisserTek, the time for rolling out to multiple customers had arrived. 

“"Don't be afraid of the changes with Floriday. Although this will take time getting used to and slightly more effort in the short term, we’ll all start reaping the benefits in no time. ”

Wilfried Visser

API link status 

Wilfried reports that VisserTek is all set to receive direct-sale orders as well as to process the deliveries orders that follow. The link also allows them to receive delivery forms and labels/stickers. The link to the logistics and financial-overviews analysis modules will also soon be ready. For VisserTek software developers of VisserTek, Wilifred says the consistent API set-up and modern linking methods make working with the API link is real pleasure..

An online update sees to rolling out VisserTek’s software automatically. “This has been such a success,” says Wilfried. “The API link is only available to a limited number of pilot testers for the time being. We have a number of customers able to provide valuable input on the technical and information side, who also help with guiding the link implementation”. VisserTek’s eventual roll-out to customers will be a straightforward process of automatic online updates gradually building up Floriday functionalities, which customers can then use. Automatic updates are set to include the Floriday link by default over the next few weeks. VisserTek will then continue rolling out updates with extensions and corrections on a regular basis. Everything will operate as normal for customers, given that updates are already a regular occurrence.