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How to let colleagues take care of your work on Floriday

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Gepost op 19-06-2024
door Joyce van Galen

Will you be enjoying a well-earned holiday soon? Then it would be fine if your work in Floriday is seamlessly taken over by your colleague. We are happy to help you and your colleague prepare for the handover. In this article, we will explain to you step by step how to prepare for this. This will allow you to go on holiday with peace of mind and your colleague will take over your duties.


  1. Start by doing a handover. Write down which components you work with (a lot) within Floriday and, if your colleague does not already have one, create a Floriday account for him or her.
  2. Set up this account together prior to your holiday so that the settings and permissions are set correctly. As a result, your colleague will start working in the desired way. Tip: read the handy page on getting started with Floriday in our Helpcenter.
  3. Make sure your profile is public, so you can easily collaborate with colleagues and buyers. Moreover, by both working in their own environment, you protect company data properly and your colleague can look around the platform and the Helpcenter in their own time.
  4. Inform your colleague about the Helpcenter. Here you can always view the parts for which you have described the transfer. To do so, click on the question mark in the platform. In fact, there is a page available for each section that describes step by step how to get started. If necessary, put the main Helpcenter to the left of your handover so that your colleague has it immediately to hand.
  5. Go through Floriday Messenger with your colleague. Find out how to activate and work with the Messenger . Agree to check the Messenger regularly to see if any messages have arrived. Did you know that you can also see conversations back? This is very handy for your colleagues when you are on holiday or suddenly absent.

Tip: Even if you don't go on holiday, it's a good idea to periodically go over your working methods in Floriday with (a) colleague(s). This secures the knowledge of Floriday within your company, allowing you to benefit from it in case of unexpected situations.

When you are on holiday

What if your colleague has a question? Our Floriday support team is ready and waiting to help your colleague! Reach us through the chat on Floriday, by e-mail (, or by telephone +31 (0) 174 – 35 20 70. You can enjoy your holiday without a care. We hope you have a great holiday!


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