Privacy statement Floriday

We would like to inform you about the information we collect when using the digital platform Floriday, about the way we use this information and about your rights in respect hereof.


1. Controllers

Responsible for the processing of personal data via the digital platform Floriday are:

  1. Coöperatie Royal FloraHolland U.A., Legmeerdijk 313, 1431 GB Aalsmeer
    KvK 32284016;
  2. FloraXchange B.V., Grote Waard 80, 2675 RZ Honselersdijk
    KvK 27340749.

2. Definitions

  1. Controllers: the abovementioned controllers Royal FloraHolland en FloraXchange;
  2. User: every user of the digital platform Floriday;
  3. Floriday: the digital platform Floriday.


3. Collected data and purpose of processing

  1. The Controllers process your personal data once you make use of their services and/or because you provide the Controllers with your personal data.
  2. The personal data that are processed by Controllers can inter alia consist of: your name, address, email address, telephone number, website, account, password, possible images etc.;
  3. The Controllers process the personal data in respect of efficient and effective conduct of business, especially for the purpose of carrying out the following activities:
    - Effective use of Floriday by the User;
    - Enabling (legal)acts, including transactions or agreements that are concluded and can be executed through Floriday, as well as associated logistical activities and financial settlement;
    - If the User requests the Controllers to provide information about their services and products, the Controllers process the personal data to meet that request;
    - If the User has applied for the newsletter, the Controllers will use the personal data to send the newsletter to the User;
    - The Controllers may also use the personal data to inform its Users of Controller’s products or services that may be of interest to the User concerned.
  4. By using the digital platform Floriday you give consent to processing your personal data for the abovementioned purposes.


4. Distribution to third parties

  1. The Controllers may use third party services to process your data in accordance with this Privacy Statement. These third parties will act as data processor for the Controllers and the Controllers ensure that these parties provide sufficient safeguards regarding technical and organizational security measures. Third parties who act as data processor for the Controllers have concluded a data processor agreement with the Controllers, stipulating among others that they will process your data solely on behalf of the Controllers.
  2. The Controllers may pass your information to customers (buyers) in the context of enabling (legal) acts (including transactions or agreements that are concluded and executed through Floriday, as well as associated logistical activities and financial settlement).
  3. The Controllers will furthermore only provide data to third parties with your prior consent or if they are required to do so by law and regulation.

5. Transfer outside the EU

The Controllers may use third party services to process your data in accordance with this Privacy Statement. These parties may be located outside the European Union or may use servers outside the European Union. The level of the right of protection of personal data may be lower in these countries than in the European Union. By using the Controller’s services you consent to the transfer of your personal data outside the European Union.


6. Storage period

The Controllers will not store your personal data for longer than is necessary for the purposes for which they are collected or subsequently processed. Your data will in any case be stored as long as the digital platform Floriday is used.


7. Your rights in respect of the personal data

  1. You have the right to request the Controllers to:
    - access your personal data;
    - rectify inaccurate personal data and to complete incomplete personal data;
    - erase personal data (under certain conditions);
    - restrict the processing of your personal data (under certain conditions);
  2. Furthermore, you have the right to:
    - data portability (under certain conditions);
    - object to the processing (under certain conditions);
    - withdraw the consent at any time, without prejudice to the lawfulness of the processing on the basis of the consent given prior to the withdrawal;
    - file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority.
  3. In case you would want to exercise any of these rights, or have any questions about this Privacy Statement, you can contact the Controllers.

8. Security

The Controllers have taken appropriate technical and organisational measures to prevent abuse, loss, unauthorised access or other undesired acts with your personal data.


9. Cookies

The Controllers use so-called cookies. Cookies are small text files that are saved by a computer when Floriday is visited. The cookie remembers what you fill in on Floriday for a subsequent visit, so that Floriday's content can be tailored to you and it is not necessary to re-enter personal information as well as to find out what can be improved on Floriday (inter alia through use of Google Analytics), furthermore, so-called tracking cookies are used which allow tracking/analysis of browsing behavior. Cookies can not damage a computer, nor read information on a computer's hard drive.
When you visit Floriday, your consent is requested for the use of cookies by showing a clear notification. If you continue to use Floriday after this notification, you consent to the use of cookies.
The consent can be withdrawn at all times by removing all cookies in your browser and/or setting the browser to not accept cookies. Blocking or deleting cookies may cause certain elements of Floriday to not work (optimally).

10. Third party websites

Floriday may contain references (e.g., by hyperlink, banner or button) to other websites that may relate to a specific aspect of Floriday. This does not automatically mean that the Controllers are connected to these other websites or owners thereof. The use of these third-party websites may include a different privacy statement. The present Privacy Statement only relates to personal data obtained by the Controllers. The Controllers do not accept any responsibility or liability for (the operation and/or content of) third party websites.


11. Changes in Privacy policy

The Controllers reserve the right to make changes to this Privacy Statement. Every adjustment will be made known on Floriday. The Controllers advise you to regularly consult Floriday to see if any adjustments have been made.


Privacy Statement, version 1.0, May 2018


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