Release notes


Below you will find an overview of a number of important changes in Floriday.

March 2020 update


In order to help growers with the emergency measures for clock supply, the dashboard now shows how much growers are allowed to supply to the clock. The amount that can be supplied is calculated on the basis of the 2019 amounts.


Item characteristics
The item characteristics K07 (Other supplier information) and K18 (Certification organic) can now be set in the catalogue.


Lot prices
You can now filter by collection for lot prices.


Direct order
You can now use every type of load carrier for direct orders with Connect-EAB.
You can also download the picklist now if you group per item.
It is now possible to add a service code per lot for Connect deliveries.
You can copy prices from the catalogue prices screen for direct orders on the condition that prices have been entered.
You can now offer more than 5 lots per trolley.

Clock delivery
You can now easily add and select varieties when creating the clock delivery. You can also add a lot photo to a clock delivery with your phone.
Danish containers are now also supported for clock deliveries for Eelde and Auction Rhein-Maas.

Trolley layout
You can now undo the entire layout via the menu at “Unallocated lots” for the trolley layout. You can also have everything allocated automatically again.

February 2020 update


The preference screen has been expanded. You can find this screen in Floriday under Settings > Preferences. You can set which screen you want to see after clicking the button in the preference screen: Direct sales (the catalogue price screen or the lot price screen) You can also set the standard trade form you want to see for sales orders (Direct sales, clock presales, clock).


Add clock photo to item
You can now add clock photos to your items too. When you create a clock delivery in Floriday, Floriday will then automatically add the clock photo to the form.


Clock delivery
You can now link a lot photo to your item for clock deliveries. This means you can add the correct clock photo when creating the form.


Placing a request
You can now copy availability, amounts and prices from the catalogue price screen when placing requests.

January 2020 update


Sorting preferences
You can specify in which order you would like to sort your articles in Settings > Preferences. For example, you can indicate that you want to sort the products by name (alphabetically) and also by pot size or stem length.

Preferences for clock deliveries
You can set a standard shipping location and a standard auction location for clock deliveries in Settings > Preferences. These locations are then automatically filled out when you create a clock delivery. You can still change the locations when you create the delivery, of course.

Direct sales

Customer-specific delivery conditions
You can now create customer-specific delivery conditions. Note: the customer-specific delivery conditions all work towards FloraXchange (and not towards FloraMondo). You can enter the delivery conditions under Supply > Direct sales > Delivery conditions.


Proposed clock deliveries
Floriday now proposes clock deliveries based on clock deliveries you created earlier. All information has already been selected in a proposed delivery, all you need to do is save it and send it. You can still make changes, of course. The proposed clock deliveries are shown under Handling > Deliveries.

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