Send Florecom orders to Floriday

100% Digital ordering by sending Florecom orders to Floriday

Send Florecom orders from your own system to Floriday. Floriday validates these orders and ensures that they reach the grower. Since it still regularly occurs that orders are placed that don’t match a grower’s online supply (due to a different price or packing configuration, for instance), we have developed the purchasing dashboard (in the buyer section of Floriday). The purchasing dashboard ensures that your order matches the grower’s supply by:

  • choosing an alternative
  • or sending a request to the Grower for a different price/packing configuration
  • or by buying the product that the grower has in Floriday.

You only need the purchasing dashboard if your order does not match the supply published by the grower in Floriday. Orders that do match go straight to the grower.
Further information on the purchasing dashboard can be found here.

About Florecom orders
Florecom is one of the Floricode standards that is based on EDI. In the past, buyers and growers could transfer supply using 'quotes'. In the future these quote links will no longer be supported in our systems. What we do still support is the possibility to send and receive orders using Florecom.

Start sending Florecom orders to Floriday?

  1. Make sure you have created an account on Floriday. If you don't have a Floriday account yet, then create an account yourself>>
  2. As soon as you have an account, you can send in your Florecom orders to:
    Enter the following into the subject field: ORDERS;XXX
  3. Once you have sent in your orders through Floriday, it is important to monitor the purchasing dashboard (in the buyer section of Floriday) to verify that your orders match the growers’ supply.
  4. If your orders do not match, they appear on the purchasing dashboard under ‘action required’ and you can:
    - Order the article for the price or in the packing configuration offered by the grower
    - Search for an alternative
    - Make a request to the grower for a different price or packing configuration
  5. If your orders match, then no further action is required. Your orders are automatically forwarded to the grower.

NB: Ensure that the order-response message is set properly, so that you receive all the important order information (Settings > System).

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