Posted on 27 November 2019
by Joyce van Galen

All you need to know about Clock Presales

What exactly are Clock Presales and what are its benefits for you as a grower? Customers have ever-higher demands; they want to order a broad and deep assortment of flowers and plants in ever-smaller quantities. This makes selling more complex and often more expensive. With Clock Presales in Floriday, you can sell flowers or plants in small quantities, often at a better price and without extra transport costs. In this article, we will explain all that it has to offer!  

7 facts about Clock Presales

1. It allows you to sell flowers or plants in small quantities, often for a better price.
A tray, packaging, a trolley. Buyers increasingly want to purchase in small quantities. You can respond to this need with Clock Presales. Handling takes place through the regular clock process so you don't have to do any extra work!

2. Offer 50% of your products one day before the auction
You can sell up to 50% of your supply via Clock Presales from 12:00 noon to 5:55 am the next day, just before the clock process begins.

3. Determine the selling price yourself
You determine the selling price for your Clock Presales offer. How do you determine the right price? Floriday helps you set a price in line with market conditions. Use the price suggestions to do so.

4. Don't have to worry about the intricate distribution network
You don't have to worry about distribution, because the purchases are delivered to the customer together with the other clock purchases. This allows you to focus on other things!

5. You can make last-minute changes
Want to make a last-minute change, or change the price or quantity at the last minute? No worries! Just log in to Floriday and you'll have it updated in no time.

6. Many fellow growers make use of Clock Presales
For good reason! Want to get started with Clock Presales and Floriday? Log in to Floriday and state in the chat that you want to get started with Clock Presales. View more information via

7. Floriday helps you on your way
Placing your Clock Presales offer in Floriday is very easy! With a tutorial video we show you how Clock Presales in Floriday works. In addition, Floriday explains in workshops how to get started with Floriday and Clock Presales. All workshop dates can be found on the website.

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