Working digitally
via Floriday

What does this mean for growers and buyers?

Why work digitally via Floriday? 

It is our ambition that all direct transactions at the Royal FloraHolland marketplace are only to be concluded digitally. Working digitally via Floriday will increase the efficiency and speed of both the supply and the demand side of business and would help us establish a new digital sector-based infrastructure. It offers opportunities and will, for example, reduce the risk of errors. We are taking the next step in digitisation with the entire sector.

Various big and small growers have started digitising their businesses. View the different applications of Floriday (combined with software packages) within their business on this newspage.

Floriday workshops

Did you know that we organise workshops for growers and buyers? In this way we tell you more about the Floriday platform and further explain the functionalities both growers and buyers can use. We organise various types of workshops; from starting to work digitally in Floriday to explaining the latest functionalities for the more advanced users. View the data and sign up >>

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