Direct delivery via Floriday 

Growers will soon be able to fulfil all direct delivery orders in their own software package via Floriday. Settlement via Floriday offers growers greater insight into deliveries and the financial status of orders.

With Floriday we are working on a future-proof marketplace for the floriculture industry. We are using the latest techniques to increase the trading opportunities for you as a grower. This also means that we are gradually phasing out older techniques, such as settlement via the Connect-EAB. For this reason, a rate will be charged for the use of the Connect-EAB since 1 July 2023. We use this tariff to cover the costs associated with maintaining the systems for using the Connect-EAB.

More and more software packages support the ability to handle direct sales via the Floriday API. This allows you to handle the direct order without having to use the Connect-EAB. And you immediately benefit from the advantages that diet offers: More insight into your deliveries and status of financial settlement.


What are the benefits?

Better insight into the status and fulfillment of the order requests

Be able to provide more information (including barrels)

Additional safety on
direct delivery orders

Better insight and ready for the future

Digitally handling a direct delivery order offers you as a grower and buyer, now and in the future, more insight and trading opportunities than working through the Connect-EAB. Growers and buyers have more insight into the fulfillment of the order requests, more opportunities to add information to the order requests and make use of additional services. Fulfillment via Floriday also offers extra security compared to the current way of working (Connect-EAB). 

How far has my software supplier got?

Check the table to see how far along your software supplier is.

  • Not known: No insight into planning yet
  • In development: Scheduled
  • Test phase: first users are testing
  • Rolling out: phased implementation among growers
  • Available: available, growers have to activate it
  • Rolled out: all growers have the feature

Do you have questions about the status? Then please contact your software supplier.

What does this mean for growers?

To make use of this new feature in your software package, it is important to update the package. This is automatically available with many software vendors, while other software vendors have to come around to do this. Exactly how this works varies from one software package to another.

  • Have you not yet installed the software update? If so, do so as soon as possible.
  • Does your software supplier still need to come by for this software update? Contact your software supplier for an appointment.
  • Have you already done a software update, but not sure if it is running correctly now? Contact your software supplier.
  • Have you already done a software update and are already handling direct delivery in this new way? Then no more action is needed.
  • Growers who work with Floriday screens can now already handle their direct delivery orders via Floriday. Read more about how to do this here.

Will buyers also buy digitally?

From 1 July 2023, buyers will not pay a levy on orders if they are handled via Floriday (in the screens, API or via the VMP link). It is important that the grower also handles that order via Floriday (from their software package or in the screens). We expect that for this reason, a buyer may also request that all direct trading be handled via the Floriday API link rather than via the Connect-EAB.

Frequently asked questions

At present, many growers working from a software package can only handle direct orders with a Connect-EAB. By handling a direct delivery order in or through Floriday, there are more benefits for growers and buyers now and in the future. In the past few months there have therefore been intensive discussions with software suppliers, who support the Connect-EAB, to make it possible for growers to be able to fulfil delivery orders via Floriday in their software package before the end of the year.

The Connect-EAB is an Electronic Delivery Letter that handles direct trade between a grower and buyer. The Connect-EAB is a proof of delivery that the grower sends via his software package to Royal FloraHolland to have the direct trade paid out. It is therefore not the same as direct trade or 'connect trade', but merely a delivery notice for settlement. This is separate from the letter attached to the cart.

If you work through your own software package and want to use Floriday direct delivery, the first thing you need is for your software package to support Floriday direct delivery. Most software packages will have rolled out this development to their customers before the end of April. An up-to-date overview by software suppliers can be found on our website. You can also contact your software supplier to find out whether they already support this module and/or find out when they will support it.

Our Help center explains exactly how you can use direct delivery orders via the Floriday screens. Nothing else changes for you as a screen user.

We are working on a future-proof digital marketplace and in doing so are gradually saying goodbye to technologies and services that no longer meet current standards. For this reason, from 1 July 2023, a tariff is charged for the use of the Connect-EAB. We use this tariff to cover the costs associated with maintaining the systems for using the Connect-EAB.

From 1 July 2023, a tariff of €0.20 is charged per supply letter line on the Connect-EAB. Each quarter this rate will be increased by €0.40. Read more on the Royal FloraHolland website.

This rate only applies to Connect-EABs sent to settle direct trade through Royal FloraHolland. It does not apply to Veiling Rhein Maas or Plantion.

Don't yet have software that lets you handle direct delivery via Floriday? Or don't know when you will receive it? Then please contact your software supplier.

If you have any questions about Floriday, feel free to contact the Floriday support team. They are ready to help and advise you every working day. They can be reached at: 0174-352070 or at


Martijn Kwakernaat


"We at Greenmaster were one of the first growers to switch and handle direct delivery via the Floriday API link. As a result, we handle the direct order without using the Connect-EAB, an older messaging standard."

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