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Tips for growers of seasonal products

3 minutes
Gepost op 01-03-2023
door Joyce van Galen

In this article, you will find some tips on new features and possibilities in Floriday. Everything to make this season as enjoyable & efficient as possible in Floriday!

Do you supply via the auction clock?

Did you know that you can create multiple delivery forms easily and faster in Floriday by using templates? And did you also know that you can easily correct and print multiple letters at once? Read more in our helpcenter.

Do you trade directly? 

Are you still working with Connect-EABs for handling direct delivery? Complete your direct transactions now in Floriday's screens or via the new option in your software package. Please note that from 1 July 2023, a fee will be charged per supply letter line. Read more.

Do you want to bring your offer to the attention of buyers?

Create an offer for specific buyers or all buyers. Buyers can order here via a few clicks. Or generate a unique link or QR code to distribute to buyers via WhatsApp or another form of communication.

Do you have your offer in Floriday in order?

Buyers search according to the offer with good product photos, comprehensive product information and correct availability. Does your offer meet these requirements?

  • Are your product photos current and representative? Provide good product photos so buyers know what they are buying. Read the tips.
  • Are your product characteristics, loads and VBN and country codes correct? Ensure complete product information. This is how you do it.
  • Are your articles findable by buyers? Set up the (expected) availability properly. This is how you set it up.

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