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Define supply agreements in Floriday

2 minutes
Gepost op 22-12-2021
door Laura Nowee

In Floriday, you can easily define agreements in the form of contracts. Both growers and buyers can enter this agreement in Floriday, upon which both parties can call on after approval by the other party.

Define supply agreements

In the contract, the trade items, quantities and prices are defined for a specific period under certain delivery conditions. When adding trade items you can choose from several options:

  • Alternative trade items: another trade item that can serve as an alternative under the same conditions, if the main item is not in stock. This could be useful, for example, if the customer wants to buy by colour and there are several base items available with the same colour.
  • Variants: in case of strongly varying characteristics, you can allow the supply of a variant with deviating characteristics.
  • Additional services: If they are available, you can choose to add them.

You define the agreements per week, month or quarter for a certain period. Based on that choice, you enter the quantities and prices, including bandwidth, per week, month or quarter for each product.

Tip: Work with the multiselect function. By ticking the box for week/month/quarter (or by checking multiple weeks/months/quarters), you can set the prices and/or quantities in one go. The contract can be changed at any time with mutual consent.

Calling on supply agreements

The call can be made by both the grower and the buyer. The grower must always approve this, unless it has been indicated that approval is automatic within the bandwidth. When calls are made outside the bandwidth, approval is always required. You can call on multiple delivery times at the same time.

Tip: Turn on your notifications. This way, you will be informed as soon as an out-of-bandwidth standing order has been placed or when you have received a contract proposal.

Contract composition

Floriday facilitates the option of defining supply agreements. For questions about the composition of contracts or problems with compliance, we refer you to the Order Risk Advisors of Royal FloraHolland.
Read more about the Order Risk Advisors.