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By the end of 2020, all orders will be digital
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What is Floriday?

A direct connection with sales channels

Floriday is the platform that connects growers with a variety of sales channels. This can only be achieved by providing the right services from a single platform.

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We are efficient and reliable

Together with our growers, Floriday ensures a seamless connection with the worldwide digital floricultural trade so we can achieve maximum value for every player in the chain. 


We partner with growers, customers and service providers.


We develop using state-of-the-art techniques in order that the platform feels easy to use during its everyday operation.


We facilitate, make things possible, provide the digital infrastructure.


We believe in an accessible platform for flowers and plants, where, besides growers and customers, there is room for suppliers of relevant services.

Apps on Floriday

Software developers can create apps for Floriday. The first two apps, Hortiheat and Insights, are available in the App store.

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