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What is Floriday?

A direct connection with sales channels

Floriday is the platform that connects growers with a variety of sales channels. This can only be achieved by providing the right services from a single platform.

Discover Floriday

We are efficient and reliable

Together with our growers, Floriday ensures a seamless connection with the worldwide digital floricultural trade so we can achieve maximum value for every player in the chain. 


We partner with growers, customers and service providers.


We develop using state-of-the-art techniques in order that the platform feels easy to use during its everyday operation.


We facilitate, make things possible, provide the digital infrastructure.


We believe in an accessible platform for flowers and plants, where, besides growers and customers, there is room for suppliers of relevant services.


Floriday will become a bit more valuable with every release. On the roadmap below, we would like to show you which developments we are working on.

Release 1: Onboarding

Calculator for prices

Prices and availability are different for every buyer. At the moment, growers spend a lot of time on completing their weekly and long term lists. A clever tool will divide buyers into groups and will be able to make smart calculations based on these groups. So it will be less time consuming to keep the supply data reliable and up to date.

External stock

Orders are getting smaller. This is a major issue in the floricultural sector. One way to solve this problem is to use external stock. The grower can place products in stock at a central logistic point. From this stock, he can sell his products or offer them to buyers.

Onboarding growers

We will slowly give growers access to Floriday and learn from their experiences. We collect feedback from growers about certain functionalities and we use this feedback to optimize them.

Photo feature

The photo feature is a tool on Floriday that is similar to an app that helps the grower take live photographs for the EABs. The grower scans the QR code of his EAB and makes the necessary photos with the camera of his smartphone. These photos are then automatically added to the EAB.

V0.1 of the channel API

This is the very first version of the channel API. This version contains (among others): requesting the allocated supply, placing orders, requesting limited information about the status of an order requesting the rule sets and terms and conditions of the suppliers.

Release 2: Commerce

Pot and tray stickers

This function makes it possible to affix stickers as from delivery, but also entirely independently. A sticker can correspond to a sales order, but this can just as easily be an independent sticker order.

Pricing tool

We are going to develop a tool which can help growers to determine their prices. The prices can be based, for example, on yesterday’s auction clock prices, and more or less subject to a certain trend.

Trade item configurator and smart stock management

Users get the possibility to divide their products into several components to facilitate smart stock management with regard to that product. Growers with a wide range of composite products can use this to easily manage their stock at product component level.

V0.2 of the Channel API

This version offers, among other things, functionalities for labeling and retrieval of delivery information. This version is still intended only for parties participating in the EAP (Early Adopter Programme) of the API.

Toekomstige releases

Future developments

  • Connection to ERP through API
  • Flexible payment terms & E-wallet
  • Make instore concept possible
  • Add the auction clock as a channel
  • V0.3 of the channel API

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