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You can take care of all your commercial and logistics matters via the Floriday global platform. Floriday offers various supportive functionalities for growers, buyers, service providers and software providers. Via the shortcut menu you directly select the information you want to see.

Solutions for growers

With Floriday you, as a flower and/or plant grower, can enter the open and global floriculture marketplace. Create a (free) account and place your products in the catalogue. Once you have supply in Floriday, buyers from all over the world can buy these products from you.

Sale and supply
The Floriday platform offers various functionalities that make it even easier to present your selection of flowers, plants and/or outdoor items. You create your catalogue just the once, fill it with your beautiful nursery products and organise it your own way. Your collection of flowers and/or plants is now ready to be seen and bought by buyers worldwide. 

  • Direct sales
    Direct sales in Floriday ensures that you as a flower grower can easily offer lots for day trading. As a plant and outdoor grower you offer your supply to buyers via weekly lists. With the help of price groups, you categorise your customers just the once, so you do not have to enter a separate price for each customer. Then you enter the basic price per lot, and Floriday does the rest of the work. You can now also make your offer known via the My Shop function. Furthermore, buyers can also send you a request via Floriday, when you respond to this a fixed arrangement is made. You can also easily initiate fixed arrangements yourself.

  • Contract trade
    You can record long-term agreements in Floriday, using the "contract trade" functionality. Contract trade refers to long-term agreements made with a grower. These types of agreements become customer-specific supply lines in Floriday, which both the grower and the buyer can call on. All agreements made under contract trade are subject to a purchase obligation.

  • Clock presales
    Clock presales in Floriday allows you to sell digital clock supply even before the auction. This can be done at the same logistics costs and with the same distribution as via the auction clock. This gives buyers complete flexibility, making it easy for them to purchase more meticulously. You can sell up to 50% of your supply via clock presales from 12:00 noon up to 5.55 am the following day (right before the clock process starts).

  • Clock
    Via Floriday you can create a clock delivery from anywhere on your laptop, smartphone or tablet. You can do this at the Aalsmeer, Naaldwijk, Rijnsburg, Eelde and Veiling Rhein-Maas auction locations. This allows you to easily add a photo of the lot that appears for the clock.

Floriday is more than just a commercial support platform; logistically, the platform also offers the support you need to optimise your business operations.

  • Delivery from stock
    Floriday offers you the option of delivering from stock. You create your stock locations by adding stock locations registered via Floricode. You can also add external stock locations. You have the option of creating a lot per location and then offering and selling it.

  • Delivery terms and conditions
    With set delivery conditions, your customer knows exactly when they can expect the ordered products. This provides clarity!

  • EAB (Electronic Supply Note)
    Via Floriday you create an EAB that ensures that the necessary information ends up in the right place. You can do this at the Aalsmeer, Naaldwijk, Rijnsburg, Eelde and Veiling Rhein-Maas auction locations.

  • Labeling
    From Floriday you have the option of printing logistical and/or customer-specific labels with your orders. You print these labels via Floriday and stick them on the packaging bought by the buyer. The labels can be printed based on the design of the trolley, making the orders easy to handle.

API link between your software package and Floriday
Do you use a software package? Then you link this package to Floriday. Floriday has API connections with (most) software providers. As soon as the connection between your software provider and Floriday is ready, Floriday and your software package will connect seamlessly. You do what you are used to and what you always work with in the familiar screens. Is there a module that is not supported by your software package? No worries! You can use this module in Floriday, because this combination is also possible. Check here if your software provider is already linked to Floriday.

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Solutions for buyers

With Floriday you as a buyer can buy flowers and plants locally or worldwide. With Floriday you have direct access to the most current supply and can order this directly online. You can do this by means of an API link with your software package to Floriday or you can work directly in the screens and associated functionalities of Floriday. 

Digital ordering and doing business
Floriday offers a number of useful functionalities with which you as a buyer can easily and quickly do digital business and place orders with growers.

  • Direct purchasing
    If you do not have your own software package, you can work directly in "Floriday for buyers". With the help of "direct purchasing" you create direct orders and place an order digitally with a grower. In "Floriday for buyers" you follow growers that you would like to do business with. They then place you in a "customer-specific price group", so that you always see the correct price of the products. After that you can easily order online from these growers.

  • Purchasing dashboard
    The purchasing dashboard is part of "Floriday for buyers" and you only use it when you send your digital orders via Florecom. The purchase dashboard matches digitally entered orders with supply lines (of flowers and/or plants) that growers have placed in Floriday. When there is a match between your order and the supply lines, an order is immediately created. (This will be the case for about 80% of the orders). If there is no match, you can easily find alternatives in the purchase dashboard and a request for one can be sent directly to the grower.
    If you work with a link between your software package and Floriday via VMP or API, the use of the purchase dashboard is not necessary, because you always order on correct supply lines in Floriday.
    In the future, we will expand the purchase dashboard with more useful functions such as track and trace of your orders.

  • Contract trading
    If you often work with fixed arrangements (contract trading or long-term trading), for example with retailers, you can record these arrangements digitally in Floriday (directly in "Floriday for buyers" or via the API link with your own software package). If the contract has been digitally recorded, the grower keeps this supply separate for you and you can then call on this supply.

  • Additional services
    By means of the "Additional services", products from the growers' catalogue can be enhanced with services that do not necessarily belong to that one product, for example an ornamental pot. If a grower offers "additional services", you can add these to your order and order directly digitally. This is possible both directly via "Floriday for buyers" and via the API link with your software package.

  • Labeling
    From Floriday you have the option of having logistics and/or customer-specific labels sent to the grower with your digital order. The grower prints these labels via Floriday and sticks them on the ordered product.

  • Purchase tip
    With the "purchase tip" you as a buyer can quickly respond to an offer from a grower. The grower creates the purchase tip and sends it to you, for which you then receive a notification (notification on your mobile). You can immediately accept the purchase tip so that you place the order digitally. You can also provide your own order reference.
    Please note! This solution is temporary until there are functions that can be used continuously. In addition, this function is only allowed if used to a limited extent. The exact guidelines for this will be looked into further. For the majority of orders, we emphasise that they must go through the indicated routing in Floriday. (The supplier has the supply online and the buyer places an order on the supply that he requires).

We are working hard on developing the above functionalities.

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Linking with Floriday
There are several ways in which you as a buyer in Floriday can work with the supply and place your orders.

  • API-link (link to your own software package)
    Linking via the API link is the most reliable way to retrieve supply in real time from Floriday and place orders digitally. The API link also offers many possibilities and is the most future-proof option.
    Blueroots members link their software package to Floriday via the Blueroots API. Buyers who are not Blueroots members and want to link their software package to Floriday via an API, will be connected to the Floriday API. The main difference between these two APIs is that the Blueroots API will return more data to the grower than the Floriday API. In addition, these two APIs are the same for supply and order. Check here if your software provider is already linked to Floriday.

  • Do business directly on Floriday
    Work directly in the FloraXchange or FloraMondo (components of Floriday) platform to view the supply and place orders.

  • VMP link
    You can also connect to Floriday with the VMP link. Unlike the API link, this link is not future-proof (we are going to phase out this link in the future) and does not offer all the benefits that the API link does. 

  • Florecom
    You can send orders to Floriday from your own Florecom software package. Floriday validates these orders and ensures that they reach the grower. Via Florecom you can only send orders, not pick up the supply. That is why with Florecom orders you do not receive real-time information about the supply in your system.


The use of the VMP or API (for buyers) is subject to a subscription fee.

For buyers, a Royal FloraHolland number or Plantion number is needed when applying for a Floriday account.
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Solutions for service providers

As an agent, are you a logistics or commercial service provider? Using Floriday, you can relieve your growers of the work and perform certain actions for them. We offer the same functionalities as growers, but you can perform them more efficiently in your role as a service provider.


  • All grower functionalities in Floriday are also available for agents;
  • View the functionalities that growers use in Floriday on the Floriday solutions for growers page.
  • Being able to check stock from multiple growers at one stock location;
  • Repacking multiple lots (at the same time); (under development)
  • Correcting multiple lots (at the same time); (under development)
  • Processing delivery as warehouse;
  • ‘Arrival’ notification (manually first);
  • Initiation of moving of goods.


  • Switch quickly and efficiently between growers with the ‘Quick swap’;
  • Different roles and rights.

In the future, various functionalities for industry-related service providers will be developed.

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Solutions for software providers

Floriday offers software suppliers API links to link your application to Floriday. There are two varieties: an API for growers and service providers (Supplier API) and one for buyers (Customer API). This gives users of your application a direct link to Floriday, allowing them to work more efficiently.

Future-proof API links
The traditional links, such as EAB and VMP, offer insufficient opportunities for growth and innovation. That is why Floriday is working on a sustainable connection through API links. These links enable the future-proof exchange of data between applications and Floriday.

The new API links allow for modular links. Users can choose where they want to do things: partly in your application and/or partly in Floriday. This gives the user more freedom of choice and allows them to promote their business the way they prefer!

The API link between your application and Floriday allows a buyer to place orders entirely digitally from their own software package.

Grower modules
Mature links are available for the following components:
In the mature phase, our links will be ready to roll out to a large group of users. Changes may be made to these without users noticing. In addition, we will be making new modules and functions available through beta links. These will be developed in conjunction with our users and software suppliers and will in turn also become mature links.

  • Catalogue
    Your software package gives you access to Floriday and you can synchronise products with Floriday, customers or other organisations.

  • Direct sales from the catalogue
    Your software package allows you to fill your weekly lists and conduct sales to customers via FloraXchange. You work with continuous stock.

  • Direct sales with lots
    Your software package allows you to make direct sales to customers via FloraXchange and FloraMondo. The stock is counted down.

  • Sales orders
    Your software package gives you access to your sales orders and the payment status for direct sales and clock. (Now all that is left are sales orders without payment status for direct sales)

  • Delivery to external stock
    Your software package allows you to process deliveries to your External stock via logistic service providers such as Royal FloraHolland. You can sell from your external stock.

  • Selling at the clock
    Your software package caters for clock (pre)sales.

  • Delivery & processing
    Your software package allows you to process deliveries for clock and direct sales.

Are you curious to find out which modules are supported or will be supported by the various software suppliers? Check the status overview (for growers) and the status overview for buyers to see at which stage your software supplier is. As soon as the information provision for buyers and service providers is available, it will be added to this status overview.

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Support for software suppliers

Floriday supports software suppliers with API documentation and a support channel in Slack. This gives developers of the different software suppliers the possibility to discuss issues with Floriday.

Floriday has an App Store in which various smart apps are available. This allows growers and buyers to set up commercial processes in an even easier way. Are you a software supplier and would you like to add an app to this App Store?

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