What is Floriday?                 

Floriday is the digital platform for floriculture

Floriday is the central place where commercial and logistics processes are handled. With Floriday, we are making the floriculture industry more accessible and more straightforward by providing a single open platform where growers, buyers, service providers (such as sales agents and transporters) and software providers can get together. The image below shows where Floriday is located in the chain. We continuously work with all players in the sector on developing the platform. We use the latest techniques (API connections) to create the digital infrastructure for the industry together. 

What is Floriday for growers?

With Floriday you have access to an open and global marketplace for floriculture. You too can offer and sell your flowers and plants here. This gives you:

  • One central place for managing your stock, supply and orders;
  • A fast and reliable exchange of information with your buyers;
  • Choice of various sales channels;
  • Smart solutions for smaller orders;
  • The option of working with your own software package or directly within Floriday.


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What is Floriday for buyers?

With Floriday you can buy flowers and plants locally or worldwide. You have direct access to the most current and correct supply from the nurseries on the platform. This gives you:

  • Real-time information with correct supply;
  • Logistics savings on small orders
  • Reliable product information and certification;
  • The possibility of tracking orders;
  • The option of working with your own software package or directly within Floriday.


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What is Floriday for service providers?

With Floriday you can relieve your growers of services and easily arrange commercial and/or logistic actions for them.

As an service provider, you will be able to focus more on logistics aspects: 

  • All grower functionalities in Floriday are also available for service provider;
  • With stock from multiple growers at one stock location:
  • Easy repacking of multiple lots (at the same time); (under development)
  • Quick corrections of multiple lots (at the same time); (under development)
  • Processing deliveries;
  • (manually first) with ‘arrival’ notifications;
  • Initiation of moving of goods.

As an service provider, you will be able to focus more on commercial aspects:

  • Switch quickly and efficiently between growers with the ‘Quick swap’;
  • Based on different roles and rights.

In the future, various functionalities for industry-related service providers will be developed.

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What is Floriday for software providers?

With the Floriday API, you can link your grower, buyer or service provider applications to the Floriday modules.

The API link seamlessly connects the applications and the Floriday modules, allowing for immediate exchange of product information, supply, orders and deliveries, amongst other things.

This gives users of your application many benefits:

  • Additional modules and functionalities based on your application;
  • Custom solutions;
  • No double input;
  • New modules, functionalities and improvements through Floriday;
  • Your users can continue working with the application with which they are familiar.

You can also develop and offer your own app in the Floriday environment with the Floriday look and feel. This gives users an integrated user experience.

Connect your application to Floriday! Our team will provide all the support you need.

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App store

Floriday is an open platform and has various linked apps that ensure that you can conduct your business operations even more efficiently The apps can be found in the Floriday App store. Insights and HortiHeat are the first apps to be linked with Floriday. 

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Organisations that can take decisions quickly are effective and successful. The Insights app gives you as a grower direct insight into price and market developments and helps you determine your sales strategy. Insights also provides support in the translation of data into useful insights.

Insights in brief:

  • Instant visibility of your own sales;
  • Compare yourself to others;
  • Easy reporting;
  • Gain insight into the markets.

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Hortiheat provides unique marketing tools for the promotion and sale of all of your products. Get started right away with your own catalogue among your contacts.

HortiHeat in brief: 

  • Sell ​​lots from Floriday using an order list;
  • Create quotations at lightning speed promoting your products in the process;
  • Send email campaigns to your customers;
  • Record your contact moments and discover who your best customers are;
  • Gain insight into the ordering behaviour of your customers and maintain your network.

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Connect an app to Floriday

If you already have or want to develop a suitable app to connect with Floriday,we would like to get in touch with you.

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